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Pirates of Penzance tickets available from:

Wiltshire Music Centre box office
Tel: 01225 860100 -- wiltshiremusic.org.uk

All other tickets:

Available from Bath Box Office, Bath Visitor Information Centre, Abbey Churchyard, Bath BA1 1LY
bathboxoffice.org.uk -- Tel: 01225 463362 -- boxoffice@bathfestivals.org.uk

Concert Notes:

1. Some seats in the side aisles of Bath Abbey have restricted views but are charged at lower prices. Video screens are installed in these areas.
2. Unreserved seats in Bath Abbey are along the side walls of the nave, in the south transept and in the choir behind the performers. Other venues may refer to seats at the rear of the hall
3. For greater comfort, patrons may find it advisable to bring cushions to Bath Abbey concerts.

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